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Acers Websites Agreement

1. We may share or post stuff from each other's websites with or without credits and that will not cause any copyright issues or drama.
2. The parties may use their logo on the AOB material only if they claim they do not own the copyrights if that is the case. Otherwise each party may use its own logo on collages, photoshopped or upscaled material, mixed videos, remixes and everything else created by them even if existing material input is used.
3. We will not share or post material which is created or recorded by Websites which are not part of this agreement, without a granted permission in case they own the copyright.
4. We will behave in a friendly way, respecting, supporting and defending each other.
5. We think that Ace of Base's legacy is for everyone and must be available to everyone.
6. Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy Ace of Base's related material including the one created by the parties of the agreement
7. A new party is added to the agreement only after all other parties agree
8. All parties shall follow this agreement.
9. In this agreement websites also include fanpages. All parties may but not necessarily put the agreement's logo on their Websites in order to be visible they are part of it.

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