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The AceBoards || The Story

The AceBoards started in 2004 as a project of AcerStan, one of the many "Acers" - or in other words - Ace Of Base fans, with the help of other Acers from all across the globe. (Feeling old? There was no Facebook, no YouTube etc. in 2004) 

At that time the biggest gateway for fans was another forum called "The Hallo Boards". Many fans though found it hard to fit in that community for one reason or another. Also around that time the "Demo wars" were a thing. Some fans had recorded Ace Of Base unreleased songs and demos from various sources. Some would share, others wouldn't. When we created TAB we decided that every fan had the right to at least hear those treasures. Fast forward to 2015 when the majority of those treasures were released as the "Hidden Gems" album. Over time, and with the discontinuation of "The Hallo Boards", The AceBoards became the biggest & as of now only international community for AOB fans. Many friendships started here and will last forever. Below you can find a gallery with the many design changes that took place over those 12 years. You can drag & arrange the pictures (maybe guess the correct year) or click to open a bigger view.

Cruel Summer Theme (2005)
Redefined Era (2007/8)
World Tour (2007/08)
The Bridge Theme (2005)
Default theme (2004-2010)
Da Capo theme (2006)
Malin theme
The "Dots" theme
Jenny Solo (2010)
All Aces theme
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